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Back 2 School Giveaway

For more than five years, DIVAS Mentoring Program has collaborated with Columbia Residential and a number of other organizations to provide back to school supplies for hundreds of families from all walks of life.

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Feed the Hungry

Twice a year, DIVAS Mentoring Program provides hundreds of meals for families and community members in need. "Spread the Love, Feed the Hungry" is hosted during the months of February and November.

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Annual Awareness Walk

"I'm a LOVER and a FIGHTER" Awareness Walk provides an opportunity to raise awareness about the impact of Domestic Violence and Breast Cancer in our communities.  Many partner with us in an effort to showcase their business or resources by serving as a vendor at the event. 

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Community Block Party

Our Community Block Party is an initiative to bridge the gap between schools and the community by providing a day of free services and resources from businesses and organizations located within the community. Our guests enjoy free food, music, and so much more!

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Annual Teen Summit

Our Annual "I Am the Dream" Teen Summit is intended to motivate, inspire, and provide leadership experiences for middle and high school students. Students leave the summit with a sense of purpose and an action plan; helping them realize their potential and dreams.

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