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A Reflection of the Mission

The program’s ultimate mission is to inspire young ladies to take charge of opportunities and take advantage of the resources provided to them, timely. DIVAS was founded on the belief that everyone is capable of being successful despite their familial, environmental, and situational circumstances. Our founder firmly believes striving for academic excellence and restoring self-confidence is extremely beneficial in preparing young ladies for post-secondary education options and real-world scenarios.

The 5 Core Values are the crown jewel of DIVAS programming and serve as the foundation of our approach to training each of our mentees to apply practical tools in everyday life.  

Core Value:


"I Think Before I Act"

We empower our DIVAS by guiding them in the development of critical thinking skills. In our program, they will develop the skills needed to navigate social, emotional, and professional situations inside and outside of the classroom. 

Empowerment sessions under this core value include: 

  • Critical Thinking Skills

  • Problem Solving Skill

  • Peer Pressure

  • Self-Identity

Core Value:


"I Speak Up for Myself and for Others"

We empower our DIVAS to understand the importance of speaking up when it counts.  Whether family, friends, or a significant other, we guide them on what makes up healthy relationships, handling challenging situations, and future-oriented decision-making.  

Empowerment sessions under this core value include: 

  • Bullying

  • Teen Pregnancy Prevention

  • Drug & Alcohol Awareness & Prevention

  • Relationships and Abuse

Core Value:


"I Always Strive for Academic Excellence"

We empower our DIVAS by teaching the true meaning of “a mind is a terrible thing to waste.” We believe that education goes beyond the classroom and can help them navigate ongoing responsibilities, and will provide a strong foundation for life-long success. Empowerment sessions under this core value include: 

  • Time Management

  • Money Management

  • Post-Secondary Options

  • Interview Skills

Core Value:


"I Am an Active Leader in My Community, & I Give Back"

We empower our DIVAS by showing them the importance of bridging the gap in their local community. Members will have the opportunity to serve during a number of our community outreach efforts including "Spread the Love, Feed the Hungry" and more. 

Empowerment sessions under this core value include: 

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Community Service Projects

  • Leadership Skills

Core Value:


"I Dare to Be Different & Leave a Positive First Impression" 

We empower our DIVAS by teaching them how to build, restore, and maintain their confidence. We focus on a number of confidence building life skills that impact their outlook on scholarship, speech, and image. 

Empowerment sessions under this core value include: 

  • Self Confidence

  • Etiquette Skills

  • Public Speaking

  • Feminine Hygiene

We are DIVAS to the core!  Ready to learn more?

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