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As a Donor, you will help to introduce underprivileged young ladies to resources, and experiences needed to prepare them for success. As an organization that cares for families in need, your financial support is greatly appreciated. Most importantly, 100% of your contribution goes towards the improvement of the program.

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This program is completely amazing, and necessary for all young girls. We really believe in the vision of the program, and would like you to support this amazing program. We are looking for individuals to sign up for a monthly subscription of $10-$100 a month to help expand the program to underprivileged teen girls.

All subscriptions are tax deductible and your donation will help us give back to the community through various events, such as our Annual Feed the hungry Event, Community Block Party, Back to School Giveaway, and so much more!

Are you in a position to invest in our youth by making an automatic monthly contribution?

$10-$100 per month

Round Up Spare Change

Automatically round up spare change in order to help our mentors stand strong in our common goal and passion “To unite females by creating a sisterhood in which they will maintain personal goals and values, build a strong academic foundation and become further enlightened on the realities of life."

1 Link Your Account

Connect the account you use to make everyday purchases in less than 60 seconds. No need to enter sensitive details like account numbers. Linking your online banking creates an encrypted connection that lets us know when spare change is available.

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Make purchases just as you normally would throughout the day.

3 Donate Automatically

Your purchases will be rounded up to the nearest dollar and donated automatically each time you reach at least 50¢ in spare change. You can pause and resume your contributions at any time and see your contribution history via your own secure dashboard.

As little as 1 Cent per month

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We depend significantly on corporate and private sponsorships for financial support. We have been fortunate in the past few years to have support of corporations like yours, and we are hopeful that this year will be no different.

$350-$10,000+ Annually

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